Stanislas Wawrinka And His Game With Murray

Today, most people are talking about the recent win that has happened between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic in the finals of the French Open.

Stan Wawrinka had played the semi finals against Murray in the same tournament and that had been a match worth watching as well.

For Stan it had not been easy playing in the early rounds. There were several instances when he could have been defeated and would have lost the opportunity to move up the stages of the game. That had been the case with Murray as well. Hence, when both reached the last four positions of the tournament many fans were relieved and were anticipating the match between the two players.

The finals at Roland Garros were played out as we are all aware. Stanislas was considered to be the defending champion in the semifinals as he took up the bid to defeat Andy Murray, who holds the number one position among the British players. Wawrinka definitely would be difficult for Andy and no easy game. He holds the top number four position. Though Andy Murray has been in fine form, Stan has also not been sitting back though he did need to put in considerable effort to beat Murray in the first place. In the matches that he played in the tournament he has been able to display his top form. With such form between the players, it was definitely a semi final that most fans enjoyed watching. It remains to be seen what games Stan would be taken up after his defeat. Murray might have been able to defeat him in the semi finals but he could not keep up the pace with Novak. Stan on the other hand, will be looking at opportunities to claim more wins in the near future.