Stanislas Wawrinka And His Game With Murray

Today, most people are talking about the recent win that has happened between Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic in the finals of the French Open.

Stan Wawrinka had played the semi finals against Murray in the same tournament and that had been a match worth watching as well.

For Stan it had not been easy playing in the early rounds. There were several instances when he could have been defeated and would have lost the opportunity to move up the stages of the game. That had been the case with Murray as well. Hence, when both reached the last four positions of the tournament many fans were relieved and were anticipating the match between the two players. Read more »

Stanislas Wawrinka was feeling slightly empty following his win

Stanislas Wawrinka was feeling slightly empty following his win at Roland Garros.

According to Wawrinka, so much of emotion was there on that particular day that he had almost gone into a state of depression once it all ended. A sense of loneliness had crept in.

In the words of Wawrinka, “After a big triumph, it gets slightly difficult to recharge yourself and that’s because you had gone through such a high degree of emotions. You feel mentally weary once you get back home. But, that’s the kind of challenge professional sport brings to you. You don’t have too much time to let it sink in. There is a new assignment at next step and you have to be up for it straightaway.”

“Players who get into this habit of clinching titles right from their teenage, the likes of Roger and Andy, they deal with it a little better as they have had a lot of it. But, that hasn’t been the case with me. I haven’t been a superstar. It was my 10th season on the tour when I had my first Slam title. It takes a bit of getting used to.”

“However, I would like to believe I am adapting. This time around, I have felt it more normal to be a Slam winner. The previous season, it was absolutely surreal. It just couldn’t sink in.” Read more »

Andy Murray has proved to be almost unbeatable on clay off late

Andy Murray has proved to be almost unbeatable on clay off late, but, he refuses to admit that he is all comfortable on slower surfaces now. He reckons he’s a bit of distance still to cover in that direction.

However, he agrees to the point that he is probably playing some of his best clay court tennis at the moment.

Murray is seen as one of the hot favourites in the ongoing French Open.

He has been in absolutely majestic form playing in clay tournaments off late and the kind of dominance that he showed the other day to get better of one of the most promising youngsters in the circuit, Nick Kyrgios, it’s only obvious that people would rate his chances highly for the title at Roland Garros.

Clay was actually not one of Murray’s preferred surfaces some time back. But, with immense hard work, he has now been able to convert himself into a player who likes playing on clay.

According to Murray though, in spite of his red hot form, it’s still Rafael Nadal who holds the favourites’ tag because of what he has done in the French Opens in the past. Read more »

Stanislas Wawrinka hopes to get his bike back

After having a torrid time playing hard court tournaments off late, Stanislas Wawrinka hopes to get his bike back on track on clay.

Wawrinka has suffered early knocking off in BNP Paribas as well as Miami Open and that has left him completely ruffled. His confidence is shattered.

But, the good thing for him is that the action on the tour is going to shift on Clay surfaces now where he thrives.

He has been alright on hard courts too over the last few years, but, Clay remains his favourite.

The ongoing season kicked off on a good note for Wawrinka with him clinching Chennai Open and making it to the Round of 4 at Melbourne Park. He won in Rotterdam too. But, he lost the form from there on in.

When asked about his recent disappointing outings, Wawrinka said, “It’s been tough couple of tournaments for me. I never felt I was in any kind of rhythm. I was just going through the motions and it was the case not only in games, but, in training as well.” Read more »

Stanislas Wawrinka got to achieve quite a lot in 2014

The first Slam title of his career would be the highlight surely, but, there are a couple of other big things too which he did during the year.

First of all, the Davis Cup victory that he tasted. There can nothing be more satisfactory for a sportsperson than to be able to win a trophy for his country.

Wawrinka was in the Swiss national team that beat France in the final tie of the Davis Cup to win it for the first time ever.

It was a joyous day for the tennis lovers in Switzerland as they celebrated the historical achievement of the team in a grand way and of course for Wawrinka too, it would have been a very emotional moment to lift that trophy. Read more »

Stanislas Wawrinka had Great Season in 2014

Stanislas Wawrinka has quite a good 2014 Season overall.

The Switzerland international has maintained his place there in top 10 in the rankings right through the season and is also going to take part in the forthcoming tour finals, but, his recent form has been shaky.

In fact, shaky is a gentle word to describe that. He has played almost terribly. He has suffered an opening round exit in 3 successive tournaments of late.

The next three assignments of Wawrinka are big ones. Apart from the tour finals, he has to represent Switzerland in the title round of the Davis Cup and also, not to forget the Masters in Paris. But, he surely can’t afford to go into such big tournaments with this kind of form.

According to Wawrinka, there is not any technical issue with his game. It’s just that he is feeling nervousness and that is affecting his performances.

Talking to the reporters yesterday, the 29-year old said, “It’s more of a mental thing. Nervousness is what I need to get rid of. I tend to think more than what’s needed ahead of every game and end up making poor decisions. But, it happens in everybody’s career. You go through such sort of phases.”

“I have been doing well this year. Yes, in the last few weeks, I have been sort of loose especially in the Asian continent, but, I am prepared for the big matches coming up.”

When asked if he feels he is under pressure after these poor outings, Wawrinka said, “Pressure is on you all the time in the professional circuit, even when you are in good form. It doesn’t concern me anymore. It’s just about a couple of victories and the morale will be high again.”